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Angelfish Fieldwork is a new breed of digital fieldwork agency. Designed with one key goal in mind – to provide you with the best people for your qualitative market research.

We specialise in qualitative market research and finding participants that exactly fit your specifications. We take the time to understand the brands we work with and apply this understanding to find the most valuable respondents for your qualitative market research – whether it’s for Focus Groups or Market Research Online Communities, our expert validation process is the same.

Our team are long standing members of ESOMAR, the MRS and AQR and strictly adhere to their codes of conduct, giving you the peace of mind that your fieldwork is being conducted to the highest possible industry standards.

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Top tips<br> for getting the best<br/> participants for<br/> your focus groups

Download our Top tips
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Meet the team

  • Kelly Barnard Kelly Barnard Senior Project Manager
  • Lisa Boughton Lisa Boughton Director & Co-founder
  • Sophie Zadeh Sophie Zadeh Director & Co-founder
  • Richard Stephens Richard Stephens Director & Co-founder
  • Jade Butler Jade Butler Project Manager
  • Molly Ebdon Molly Ebdon Project Executive