What we do

Our goal here at Angelfish Fieldwork is simple…

As one of the top market research fieldwork agencies in the UK, our aim is to make your life easier by working tirelessly to find the very best respondents for your market research.

Here’s how we’ll go about supporting you from start to finish:

Step 1: Establish our partnership with you

Our 100+ years of combined experience working as a market research fieldwork agency has taught us many things; in particular, that no two projects or clients are the same, and that our honest, reliable, flexible, reactive and supportive two-way partnership approach is the real key to market research success!

In short, when you team up with us, we’ll work as an extension of you and/or your team. We truly love working in partnership with people, solving problems, offering credible advice and taking the thinking out of recruiting and quotas for our clients.

From initial quote stage, we offer expert consultation on methodology, sample and timeframes to ensure you get the very best from your research. Need more of a full-service package to conduct your research? Look no further, as we have several Director-level trusted Qualitative Consultants who can conduct moderation, analysis and report writing!

Indeed, this is what brings our regular clients back time and time again!

Step 2: Understand your research brief

The briefing stage is one of the most crucial aspects of our process here at Angelfish Fieldwork. To ensure your project is a success from the get-go, we dive head-first into understanding the insights you are hoping to obtain from your research, as well as how your target audience thinks.

In short, we’ll work hard to understand your brief, collaborating with you to improve it if necessary, and establish what other needs you may have that we can assist with, such as screener writing and feedback.

Step 3: Assign you to your dedicated Project Manager

Once your brief has been confirmed, we’ll assign you to a dedicated Project manager, backed up by their executive team to ensure there is constant communication and understanding of your project.

This team will manage the entire process, from briefing calls to phone validation and everything in-between!

Step 4: Kick-start the recruitment process

We work super hard to find the right people and organise the logistics behind your project. Think of us as the engine room behind your research!

Using a combination of digital methods, traditional techniques and our community of 26,000 UK respondents (more on that below), our RAS-qualified team will find you the best respondents for your research, whatever type of project you are conducting, ensuring that recruitment is as inclusive and accurate to your project as possible.

Step 5: Keep you updated as we recruit

Another thing that makes us one of the top market research fieldwork agencies in the UK is that our communication doesn’t stop throughout the recruitment process – in fact, we’ll provide you with timely and informative updates, with project status twice a week, making recommendations and fixes as we go!

Step 6: Stay on hand for the duration of the project

We don’t take our leave once the recruitment is complete, either. We’ll be on hand throughout the research process, ensuring that the project runs smoothly on the day. This includes supplying respondents in the unlikely event of dropouts or no-shows.

Step 7: Share respondent feedback

We make it a central part of our process to celebrate the projects wins! This means that we’ll share all the respondent feedback we receive when a project is completed, and more.

In between all those steps, we also:

Build and quality check our community

We quality check the respondents in our community through panel software (Panel Fox), but also via our awesome in-house project team, who phone validate all respondents before accepting them to take part in your research.

Unlike other market research fieldwork agencies in the UK, we don’t refer to our respondents as a panel; they are, first and foremost, a community of amazing individuals with fantastic thoughts, ideas and opinions to share, and who we love talking to and building relationships with!

Stay up to date on the latest developments and trends in market research and recruitment

From new recruitment techniques to market research technology and platforms and more, we’ve got our finger on the pulse of all things market research and recruitment. You need only follow us on LinkedIn to see this for yourself.

What’s more, our team undergo regular training and market research event and conference attendance to ensure we can consistently provide you with only the most relevant and empowering knowledge and skills available to offer.

Ensure our data is secure and compliant

The privacy and safety of our clients and respondents is paramount to us. You can learn more about this in our privacy policy and personal information policy.

But don’t just take our word for it…

Explore our available case studies and testimonials to discover the amazing impact that our services have had on some of the world’s best-known brands and more!

Shall we work together?

If you like the sound of everything you’ve read here, be sure to get in touch – we’d be thrilled to hear all about your project and discuss how we can find your perfect participants.