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Our recruitment process allows for recruitment to multiple research methodologies from multiple sources….

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The Flexi-Panel offers clients an online recruitment process fit for modern dayresearchers; our effective validation process, provided by the Angelfish in houseteam, ensures only the right respondents for your research.

The Flexi-Panel allows recruitment to multiple methodologies including focusgroups, teledepths, online qualitative methodologies and online surveys. Ourreach even surpasses our 8000 members with our hugely successful refer a friendscheme enabling you to find those tough to reach respondents.

The Flexi-Panel is also used in combination with our other recruitment methodsdepending on the needs of your research and the target group you are looking for.Our search and recruit team will use targeted social media campaigns, alongsidetelephone, street and postal recruitment, to ensure we complete your quotas - wherever your target group hides!