Market Research Case Studies

At Angelfish Fieldwork, we have years of knowledge and experience in research recruitment.

This expertise has enabled our clients to excel in their research projects – whatever their requirements and goals!

Don’t take our word for it. Explore our collection of market research case studies below to discover our clients’ successes – and how you can achieve the same…

Want to discover similar results for your research project?

Our market research case study collection above barely scratches the surface of the potential we can bring to your project here at Angelfish Fieldwork.

Whether you’re looking to run an online focus group with Gen Z, in-home interviews with an older audience, a deep-dive ethnography with one or two participants or a long-term market research online community – or something else entirely – we’d be delighted to work with you!

As part of this process, we’ll:

Take the time to truly understand your needs

From the very beginning of your project, we’ll hold an in-depth consultation with you to discuss all the aspects of your project before dedicating ourselves to finding the best participants possible.

Source and recruit only the very best participants for your project

We only recruit individuals who perfectly match your requirements and who are eager to take part – and search high and low to find them! Whether that’s through our own dedicated community, or other relevant methods.

Provide you with scrupulous screening & validation – we speak to everyone in person

And if you need help developing your qualification criteria we can help with this

… and much more!

In summary, when you team up with Angelfish, you’ll be partnered with a truly dedicated and experienced partner from the beginning to the end of your project!

So, with all that in mind… shall we get started?