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Our recruitment process allows for recruitment to multiple research methodologies from multiple sources….

Our flexible panel (Flexi-Panel), designed for market research recruitment across a range of methodologies, is growing at a rapid pace and can connect you with thousands of respondent types including:

Market research recruitment

The Flexi-Panel offers clients a market research recruitment process fit for modern day researchers. Our effective validation process, provided by our in-house team, ensures only the right participants for your research.

The Flexi-Panel allows market research recruitment to multiple methodologies including Focus Groups, Teledepths, Online Qualitative Methodologies and Online Surveys. Our reach even surpasses our 13,000 members with our hugely successful refer a friend scheme enabling you to find those tough to reach respondents.

The Flexi-Panel is also used in combination with our other market research recruitment methods depending on the needs of your research and the target group you are looking for. Our search and recruit team will use targeted social media campaigns, alongside telephone and street recruitment, to ensure we complete your quotas – wherever your target group hides!

A bit more about the types of respondents
we regularly recruit for our clients:


Pet owners, car owners, tech lovers, poker players, tea drinkers, whisky lovers, art fanatics, extreme sport fans, mums, gravy lovers, you name them, we’ve helped our clients research them.

Our broad respondent base allows you to find a diverse mix of respondent types and the combination of our powerful panel and custom recruit capabilities, allows you to find them cost effectively and fast.


We are expert-seekers of all types of business professionals and industry leading experts. With our background in market research recruitment of high-level professionals, we can successfully find high net worth individuals, thought leaders, technical gurus, lawyers, entrepreneurs, marketers and many other business professionals.

Consumer Health

Our Directors’ long-term experience in healthcare fieldwork, combined with the rapidly growing Angelfish consumer panel are proving to be a powerful combination for our clients with research requirements in over the counter (OTC) medicine and consumer health.

With combined experience of over 40 years in healthcare fieldwork, working for the world’s largest healthcare research agencies and on the biggest pharmaceutical brand names worldwide, Angelfish can help you navigate many therapy areas.

Our experience in healthcare, coupled with the rapidly growing Angelfish Flexi-Panel is proving to be a powerful combination for our clients with market research recruitment needs in this area. We can recruit from a huge range of therapy areas and also specifically seek patients using a particular over the counter product.

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