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Online Focus Groups

We recruit great respondents for

your Online Focus Groups.


Through our expert recruitment and validation system, we ensure
nothing but high quality and engaged respondents for your research.

Our aim for your Online Focus Groups is to ensure the following
elements are taken care of:

  • Accurate recruitment to your specifications
  • 100% validated respondents
  • Highly engaged respondents
  • On boarding and technical testing

We can work with your own platform or we can provide our
SubVision to support you from start to finish.

Online Focus Groups allow for fast, cost effective and nationwide
interviewing of consumers and business professionals via webcam.

Our Online Focus Groups software allows you to engage your respondents
by sharing ad concepts, graphics, videos or other content.

You can also share your screen or the respondent’s allowing unlimited content types.

Our system allows on screen annotation, backroom
chat functions, video or photo uploads and live polling.

If you’d like to know more about SubVision,
download our 5 minute demo video here

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