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Online Surveys

Our Flexi-Panel enables quality recruitment for your Online
Surveys. Additionally, our custom recruitment capabilities
help your client or your brand to reach niche audiences,
recruit from target lists or find that tough to reach audience
with highly specialised criteria.

We help panel agencies, full service research agencies and brands find the
respondents they need for Online Surveys via our own panel of over 14,000 active respondents, our hugely successful refer a friend scheme and highly targeted social media campaigns. But we don’t just find anyone who’s free to take part – we take the time to validate the respondent to ensure that you have valuable, recent and relevant feedback for your market research project.

Why us?

We like to take the time to get to know the brands that we work with so that we can fully understand your project. This enables us to find the best participants for your market research.

One of our USPs, that we are most proud of, is that we take the time to validate all the selected recruits to make sure they’re the correct demographic for your market research.  Someone might seem like the perfect candidate on paper, but validation gives you an opportunity to get more information and ensure that the first impression was the right one. For an effective study, your participants need to be reliable, easy to work with, flexible, and meet the necessary criteria. All it takes is a quick phone call or a mini-interview process to ensure you’ve found a great participant.

Our team are long-standing members of ESOMAR, the MRS and AQR and strictly adhere to their codes of conduct, giving you the peace of mind that your fieldwork is being conducted to the highest possible industry standards.

If you would like to discuss your project needs with us and find out if an online survey would be the best way to research your market then please do get in touch.

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