Design Sprints

What are design sprints?

A design sprint is essentially a tool that enables you to stop deliberating and start doing. It combines the best bits of business strategy and innovation into a simple, five-day process – yes, really! – so you can find solutions, fast. It’s like a super-charged brainstorm, resulting in clear goals and effective results.

The process is simple: on the Monday, you make a map of the problem, on the Tuesday everyone sketches solutions, on the Wednesday you decide which solutions are the strongest, before building a realistic prototype on the Thursday and testing with target customers on the Friday. The result? A smarter, more effective way of solving problems. Tah-dah!

Thinking about running a design sprint? Make sure you download our guide to recruiting the best possible participants so your sprint goes smoothly.

Our approach

When it comes to design sprints, your participants are essential. After all, there’s no point in doing all the hard work only to test your product on a sample that isn’t representative of your target audience. It’s all about recruiting the right people to ensure your feedback is meaningful and can drive decisions – but how can you recruit participants at such short notice? Well, that’s where we come in!

If you want to run a successful design sprint, then speed is essential – and at Angelfish, we are experts in finding high-quality respondents that meet even the strictest of criteria. You see, our super-clever, efficient recruitment process involves a combination of targeted social media campaigns, an engaged proprietary audience of over 26,000 and refer a friend campaigns to make sure we find the right people for your design sprint.

By getting the Angelfish team involved with your sprint as soon as possible, we will be able to source the best possible participants and offer bespoke advice and guidance so you can build a design sprint that works. Find out more about how we do it and what makes us different to other agencies here.



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Ready, steady, sprint!

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