Focus Groups

What are focus groups?

Focus groups generally involve a group of people discussing a topic or answering questions about a particular product, service, or idea whilst a moderator steers them in the right direction. Despite being one of the more traditional market research methodologies, we believe focus groups are still a very important part of the modern market researcher’s toolkit, because they allow researchers to observe body language and understand responses in order to unlock in-depth insights about what really makes their customers tick – and why.

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Our approach

Here at Angelfish Fieldwork, we pride ourselves on recruiting high-quality, validated respondents for your focus groups nationwide. Whether you want to hold a focus group at your office, online or somewhere completely different, we’ve got the tools – and the knowledge – to take the stress out of the process and make it happen for you in a speedy and cost-effective way.


If you’re still hungry for more…

Check out our guide to getting the best participants for your focus groups. It’s packed full of all of our top tips, including; expert advice on planning and preparation, how to recruit and validate your participants and our top screening tips.

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