Market Research Online Communities

What are MROCs?

Market research online communities consist of a group of cherry-picked respondents engaging in research via an online platform by completing various tasks, activities and discussions. MROCs are continuing to grow in popularity and it’s easy to see why: they’re cost-effective, incredibly efficient and deliver deep insights in a safe and secure online setting. And because they can be accessed anywhere, anytime, they easily fit in around participants’ busy lives too.

Thinking about using an online community? Make sure you download our guide to all things MROC.

Our approach

Here at Angelfish Fieldwork, we are experts in finding high-quality and engaged respondents for your market research online communities. However specific your criteria and whatever the duration of your community, our unique recruitment process will ensure your MROC delivers you and your client the results you need, taking the stress out of your recruitment so you can focus on what’s important – your research. Find out more about how we do it here.


Still not convinced?

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Ready to take the leap?

Our ultimate checklist for your first MROC will ensure your online community runs without a single hitch. Find out all this and more, including; how to set up the community, the process of onboarding participants and ways to increase engagement.

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