Remote User Research

What is remote user research?

As outlined on our user research page, user research is conducted in order to get to know the users of your products and services and discover what their specific needs are. This way, you can deliver a great user experience that your target audience will want to enjoy time and time again! 

Where remote user research differs, however, is that the research process takes place online, as opposed to at a designated face-to-face venue. This means that you can target harder-to-reach (and often more relevant) audiences, save the time and costs associated with booking and travelling to a venue and reduced drop-out rates.  

What’s more – and particularly in light of the coronavirus pandemic – participants will be able to enjoy taking part in the comfort of their own home and feel more able to get fully stuck in! 

The Angelfish Approach to Remote User Research Recruitment

When it comes to remote research, there are some challenges to consider; from ensuring your participants have a good understanding of the tech they’ll need to use during the research (for example, being confident with screen sharing), as well as have a stable internet connection. You’ll also need to take any sensitivities into account if you’re conducting research with children or disabilities. 

On top of this, remote research runs the risk of your moderators and researchers not being able to fully interpret participant body language, or build as strong a level of rapport with them as needed for the research to be successful. 

That, however, is where our team at Angelfish comes in! We know that a remote user research project is only as good as its participants, which is why we’ll really take the time to really get to know your project and needs.  

We’ll then use every measure possible (and then some) to ensure we only recruit the very best respondents that will help you achieve your research goals; from deploying highly targeted social media campaigns to refer-a-friend schemes to consulting our own community of enthusiastic respondents and implementing our thorough validation process and an overrecruit, you can be sure that we’ll find the right people for your project – every time! 

We’ll also provide expert briefing, consent management, quota management advice, participant onboarding, regular updates on the process and much more. In fact, we are recognised for our skills and competence as a professional research recruitment company with the MRS and AQR Recruiter Accreditation Scheme (RAS)! 

But don’t just take our word for it…


“I was extremely impressed with the Angelfish team. Communication was fantastic and all of the respondents were highly engaged in the project. We had a fairly tight timeframe, and everything was managed to perfection.” 

– Vice President of Consumer Insights


Want to see our expertise in action? 

When our client wanted to set about conducting market research remote interviews with 200 participants to gather insights on furniture retail for their end-client, we knew the recruit was going to be a challenge – and an exciting one! 

Find out how we nailed the recruit in our case study… 

Want to know how to write an impactful user research recruitment screener?

We’ve created a comprehensive guide which will enable you to do exactly that, including by:


  • getting to know your audience inside out
  • creating a seamless questionnaire structure  
  • asking your respondents the right kind of questions  
  • adding that all-essential human touch  
  • making the questionnaire an appropriate length 

– and more!

user research guide

Shall we begin recruiting for your remote user research project?

The team at Angelfish would be thrilled to discuss your upcoming remote user research project and what youre aiming to achieve from it. To get started, get in touch with us now!