User Experience Testing

What is user experience testing?

User experience testing (also known as usability testing, user testing and UX testing) is when a company evaluates its products or services by testing it with representative users. It generally involves people conducting various tasks on a website or app whilst specialist software captures their behaviour to provide an insight into what works, what doesn’t, why people are staying on a website – and most importantly, why they are leaving, so that brands can make improvements and remain competitive. User experience testing can also be conducted in shops to assess the overall usability of the store – from layout to browsing experience.

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Our go-to guide for user experience testing will make sure your UX testing goes off without a hitch. Find out all this and more: the benefits of user experience testing, how to nail your recruitment from the start and top moderation tips to get the most from your UX.

Our approach

As a fieldwork agency for the modern-day researcher, there’s nothing we don’t know about recruiting for user experience testing and we pride ourselves on helping our clients find the very best people for their research, from app usability to in-store layout. However specific your criteria, our unique recruitment process will ensure that your UX testing enables you to understand what your customers are really thinking and experiencing when they interact with your website. How? Find out more about our recruitment methods below:

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