User Research Recruitment

What is User Research?

Not to be confused with user experience testing, user research is about getting to know the users of your products and services and what their needs are for you to deliver a great user experience! 

After all, unless you can really get to know your users, how can you design and create exactly what is needed to have the best possible experience of your products and services and skyrocket the success of your brand? 

The Angelfish Approach to User Research Recruitment

At Angelfish, we know that no user research project can succeed without the recruitment of high-quality participants – and that is exactly what we aim to achieve for our clients with our unparalleled recruitment process, every time. 

When you choose Angelfish Fieldwork for your user research recruitment, you’ll have your own dedicated project management team who will go the extra mile to find users who fit your exact specifications. We’ll also provide expert briefing, consent management, quota management advice, participant onboarding, regular updates on the process and much more.  

In fact, we have been recognised for our skills and competence as a professional research recruitment company with the MRS and AQR Recruiter Accreditation Scheme (RAS), coupled with over 40 combined years of experience in research recruitment for the FMCGconsumer health and retail sectors.  

What’s more, our awesome community is ready and waiting to be called upon to take part in your user research projects at a moment’s notice, and provide you with in-depth, transformative insights for your client or your brand.  



Want to learn more about how we find awesome people for your research?

Take a look at our resources below to discover the incredible impact that Angelfish can have on the quality of your participants:

Discover how to write an impactful user research recruitment screener… 

Our expert guide delves deep into how to write an effective recruitment screener for your user research projects, including:

  • getting to know your audience inside out
  • creating a seamless questionnaire structure
  • asking your respondents the right kind of questions
  • adding that all-essential human touch
  • making the questionnaire an appropriate length

– and more!

Your guide to writing an effective user research recruitment screener

Ready to kick-start your user research recruitment?

Our team would be delighted to have a chat with you about your user research recruitment goals and how we can help you to achieve them – no matter how specific or complex they might be. Get in touch now and we’ll make a start right away!