With more than 40 years experience within the market research industry, Angelfish Fieldwork has some invaluable knowledge regarding qualitative market research.

We’ve created this resources section so we can share with you our knowledge, helping you to improve your qualitative market research. Read on for more information…

How to get great results from your Market Research Online Community…

If you’re considering the move to online communities or have already made the leap, learn more about how to make them a success in this download. Our short and concise guide will help you learn about:

  • Screening for only the best respondents
  • The on-boarding process
  • Reducing your drop out rates
  • Maximising your participant engagement
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5 Tips how to write a screener…

The most pivotal ingredient in recruitment, the screener can mean the difference between recruiting mediocre or outstanding respondents. Here we outline our 5 top tips for writing an effective screener. You will find advice on:

  • Creating a seamless structure
  • Structuring your questions
  • Building a rapport with participants
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How to get better results from your qualitative fieldwork…

Your research stands to benefit enormously from well – executed qualitative fieldwork, so getting the approach and the details right upfront is critical to ensuring that you enjoy great results from the research you have spent weeks planning. Download our guide to getting better results from your qual fieldwork and learn:

  • Briefing your recruitment agency best practices
  • What to consider in the recruitment criteria
  • Recruitment techniques
  • Validation and confirmation tips
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8 Useful Tips for expert community management…

Running a successful market research online community comes with a number of challenges. From choosing the right software to getting a full recruit and ensuring everyone participates. On top of this, you need to be an effective community manager in order to get the most from your participants and ensuring the community is a complete success. Need some tips? Download our guide to being an expert community manager:

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How to deliver successful moderation in qual market research…

From focus groups to online communities, successful qualitative market research demands skilful moderation. You have to know your objectives and be ready to tailor your approach to your respondents. For some helpful tips and advise on how to make sure your next market research project is a complete success, download our guide.

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Questions to ask your software provider…

When are you considering a market research online community for your next project; it can raise a whole range of important questions such as;

  • What’s useability like for participants?
  • Is it easily accessible for mobile devices?
  • How secure is the platform?

If these sound familiar to you, download our guide to choosing the best software partner.

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Focus Group top tips…

Finding the right participants for your qualitative market research depends on a number of important details.

  • How have they been recruited?
  • How have they been validated?
  • Is your communication clear and are your participants engaged?

If you’d like to learn some helpful strategies for getting first – rate participants for your focus groups, please download our guide with out top tips and advice.

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