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We pride ourselves on providing useful, knowledge based information to help others with their qualitative market research. From our many years of experience in the field, we have built a powerful library of market research resources which you can download below.


Top tips for getting the best participants for your focus groups

Make your next focus group research session a breeze by following our top tips. Our guide includes helpful information on how to get the insight that you deserve and also how to keep time and cost to a minimum.

Qualitative Market Research

Your go-to-guide for user experience testing

Brands need to know exactly what their customers want and this is where user experience testing comes into play. So, we’ve designed a useful guide which details everything you need to know about user experience testing!

User experience testing

Our UX Jargon Buster

The world of market research can often be complicated and full of jargon – particularly usability testing. Our handy alphabetised jargon buster will help you get to know your wireframe from your A/B test in no time. Download your jargon buster now!

Your guide to market research online communities

Market research online communities are fast becoming one of the most popular research methods about, make sure your next community is a successful one by using our guide. It includes detailed information about how to qualify the right participants and how to reduce dropout rates.

Your guide to market research online communities

Choosing the right qualitative market research recruitment agency

Make your next focus group research session a breeze by following our top tips. Our guide includes helpful information on how to get the insight that you deserve and also how to keep time and cost to a minimum.

5 tips on how to write a screener

Constructing an effective recruitment questionnaire is essential to ensuring you get the insight you deserve for your market research project. Download our top tips for putting together a successful screener now.

How to get better results from your qualitative fieldwork

Get the results you deserve from your qualitative fieldwork by downloading our handy guide. The guide explores each step of a fieldwork study and offers helpful tips and tricks to ensure your next project is a success.

Successful moderation in qualitative market research

Each research methodology requires different tactics in regards to moderation and preparation. Our helpful guide to successful moderation offers tips and tricks to improve your research moderation.

7 questions you need to ask when choosing software for your market research online communities

Are you conducting a market research online community and unsure of the software you should be using? Download our guide to access 7 critical questions to ask a software provider for your next community…

Your millennial cheat sheet

Conducting research with millennials can be difficult, especially when you don’t understand the language they use! Get to grips with this unique language for your next research study by downloading our millennial cheat sheet – it’s totes amaze!

From recruitment to results: a flexible and bespoke research approach

We understand how to get the best from your research project in a bespoke manner. Our guide focuses on a flexible approach to market research fieldwork.

How to recruit awesome participants for online qualitative research

Do you find it difficult to find awesome participants for your market research? We’ve learnt a lot over the years about recruiting the right people for the right studies. Our guide offers advice on how to find the best participants possible for your research.

A beginner’s guide to getting the best out of your focus group

Are you just about to conduct your first focus group and want to get the best insight possible? Our useful guide to getting the best out of your focus group can help, it includes handy information to make your first focus group a success.

How to be an expert MROC community manager

How can you be certain that your community is a successful and effective one? With expert community management. Find out how to implement this into your next MROC by downloading our guide.

The ultimate checklist for your first market research online community

Running your first market research online community might seem like a daunting process, but it really doesn’t need to be. Our handy checklist will help you along the way with useful information on how to set the community up and how to increase engagement during the research.

A beginner’s guide to mobile ethnography

Nervous about setting up your first mobile ethnography project? Stop worrying – our beginner’s guide will help you understand the basics and how to get your ethnography up and running.

Your guide to millennials and digital natives in online qual

Millennials and digital natives are a popular group to conduct research with, but recruiting them for these projects can be tricky. Overcome these problems by downloading our guide which includes helpful tips on how to engage and communicate with this demographic effectively.

Your quick-fire guide to conducting market research with children and young people

It can be difficult to conduct market research with children but our infographic helps you understand the basics. The infographic features what incentives to offer children and methodologies that are recommended for this demographic.