Shopper Insights

We specialise in recruitment for assisted shops to help you gather the detailed shopper insights that your brand or your client needs.

Understanding your customers and achieving detailed shopper insights is at the heart of improving your brand’s performance. By getting underneath the skin of your customers, this can be translated into business growth and development.

Qualitative market research, especially assisted shops can be used to generate deeper shopper insights to understand more about consumer’s purchase decisions and their shopper journey. At Angelfish Fieldwork, assisted shopping recruitment is a specialism of ours as we can connect your research to over 13,000 consumers to bring you detailed shopper insights for your qualitative market research. From these consumers, we can identify the participants who would be a great fit for your research.

Why us?

We can help connect you with the right participants for your research. Not only that, but our method of 100% telephone validation ensures that we only deliver highly engaged participants for your assisted shopping research.

Shopper Insights

Our expert telephone validation process combined with our essential qualifying criteria means that we provide enthusiastic participants that meet your research requirements too – no matter how challenging they may be! This doesn’t just include information about participants location, age or gender but goes further to understand what makes them tick, to see whether they would be a great fit for your research project.

Don’t just take our word for it! We’ve recruited participants for hundreds of assisted shops for big name brands including Shop Direct and New Look.

Are you looking for highly engaged participants for your next assisted shop?

Well, look no further. We would love to speak with you about sourcing participants to help you gain shopper insight. Get in touch with us today to see how we can make your next assisted shop a success!


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